How to Install and Configure VirtualMin on CENTOS 7 the Easiest Way

Confused? What is the difference between Virtualmin and Webmin?

Webmin is a web based interface that is used for administration of Unix based systems. You can use Webmin through any browser that supports HTML simple forms and tables , and additionally Java photos File Manager . You do not need to enter any Linux commands to manage accounts, DNS , file sharing or webhosts and so on .

Webmin is comprised of various CGI programs and a web server . CGI programs which come with Webmin are written in Perl 5.

However on the other hand virtualmin is just another module that allows to host multiple virtual servers through a single interface while running on Webmin . It supports many beneficial features including creation of Mail servers , Apache virtual hosts , DNS domains  etc.

Now that you know the difference between virtual men and women it’s time for us to set up our own Virtualmin based control panel running on centOS 7.

Watch below tutorial which explains step by step instructions on how to install and configure Virtualmin on CentOS7.